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Hope for Africa International is registered in Zambia 


Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)

Thousands of Children are homeless while millions are orphaned due to HIV/ AIDS. Despite the rigorous campaigns and sensitisation by government, organisations and individuals, millions are still vulnerable of contracting the HIV Virus in Zambia.

Though the response to the OVC crisis is growing, it lacks the necessary urgency, speed and focus, therefore the challenge remains to the government, organizations and individuals to undertake an affordable, cost effective and sustainable approach that matches the scale and longevity of the crisis.

Hope for Africa international has taken a multi-sectoral approach to this situation which demands unprecedented effort from all so that the physical, emotional and psychosocial needs of our children can be met.

The following are some of the strategies Hope for Africa International has been and is employing to address the OVC situation in Zambia.

Self Help Training held in Lusaka, Zambia

Child Link/ Street Children

HOFAI has for the past years re-integrated over 2,500 street children in Lusaka and Copper belt provinces through a program called FRIENDS OF THE STREET CHILDREN. HOFAI Social Workers, Care Givers and General Counselors have been involved in this program from inception. The idea is not to force the children out of drugs and streets, but counsel and put them on 2 months rehabilitation program before reintegrating them with the families.

Most of these children have not only been integrated with their family but are now enrolled in some of our community schools.

Community Schools' feeding programs

Nutritional and Feeding Programs

Kelvin Mwansa’s story

Life for a child ought to be free, beautiful and joyful, a life that is provided with all the basic needs to enable the child to grow healthy and have a normal childhood. But for nine years old KELVIN MWANSA, life is far from being what he would have expected it to be, much less enjoyable and full of uncertainty everyday of his young life.

He is one of the thousands, maybe million of children who are suffering from malnutrition mainly caused by high levels of poverty in households. Kelvin is a pupil at PENGA UJANE COMMUNITY SCHOOL which is located in Linda compound of Lusaka, Zambia. PENGA UJANE is one of the 17 Community Schools run by HOPE FOR AFRICA INTERNATIONAL.

Kelvin states that he attends classes, not to get education, but that by chance when he is there, he might find something to eat.

Kelvin's story happens to be the same for most of the children who attend our Community Schools. If there is no food at school, they stop coming for lesions. KELVIN is a child among other children that need support in acquiring social basic needs such as adequate healthy services, education, nutrition (food), clothing and security.

By being a channel of meeting nutritional needs, Hope for Africa International tries to help these young lives to  get education that will guarantee them a better future. Hope for Africa International is open to work with other stakeholders who may wish to give hope to these young lives.

Orphan under our education support

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